SiamCare-UK was set up in 1999 and is a registered UK charity. There are of course many worthwhile and charitable causes so why should SiamCare-UK be special? The honest answer is that no one charity is any more deserving than another - all have importance and relevance in their own way.

However, during a visit to Thailand, the children I saw and met, who had been affected by HIV/AIDS in some way or other, made such an impression on me that I felt a personal need and drive to give some support, to such a vulnerable group. Many charities have been started from the ambitions and goals of individuals, wishing to change things for the better.
All charities have the specific purpose to assist those in need of help. As a doctor, I am aware of the need for medical support and assistance to those affected by disease or illness. As we enter the 21st century, no illness has had such a detrimental affect on individuals and families such as HIV/AIDS.
As a parent, I see the importance of providing the support that enables our children to receive a high quality, informative and well-rounded education. The children from HIV/AIDS affected families are often very poor and unable to stay at school to complete their education, without some help.

Charities can therefore play an invaluable supportive role with both of these objectives, health and education and Siam Care-UK was set up with those specific aims in mind.

Siam-Care is now represented in many countries around the world, including Japan and the USA. It is a registered as a non-governmental organisation in the UK and the Netherlands and as a foundation in Thailand.